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DIRTY RESTROOM for Dustin Holloway & Derek Maxum

An oral sex [gallery] via a glory hole for the uniformed Derek Maxum’s cock by Dustin Holloway at Falcon Studios.


When rednecks do an orgy, it has to be inside a dirty bathroom according to Bromo. But, we don’t want our gay porn stars to go too dirty so cardboards were used 🙂

PUBLIC BATHROOM: Jack Hunter with Joey D

American Muscles Hunks had their boy Joey D fuck Jack Hunter [gallery] in what looks like a smelly bathroom. It would feel authentic if they fucked on the floor.

BATHROOM SEX with Sean & Graham

Graham on his scene with big dicked Sean at Sean Cody “I’ve seen that thing! I’m not sure I can take that!” Sean had his chest hair grow for the scene at Sean Cody “I usually shave it off. I’m getting mixed reviews. I might keep it. I might get rid of it. Who knows?”