THEN Bentley had two scenes released by Chaos Men last May 2012.

NOW Last month and this month, he showed a new look with his raw scenes with Darius and Brooks.

With or without facial hair? Besides the facial hair, Bentley now has a tan.

In his 5 action scenes, so far, at Chaos Men, Glenn got fucked by Delaney and Jet.

In you compare all his scenes, you will notice the change in his body since he has been working out. But, in his latest scene at Chaos Men with Booker (Amos of SC), he cut his hair short. Not really a drastic change in his physical appearance.

Comparing his first solo shoot with his last scene at Chaos Men.

The first to appear at English Lads was Rich Wills (left photos). His solo shoot was released last March 2012. The twin brother, Jon Wills, was just introduced this month. It is actually easy to spot the difference. Rich is taller by one inch according to their profile and Jon has a tattoo on his back.

Zane, the other half of AustinZane, recently tweeted that he left the porn site.

He is currently driving across the country back to Ohio.

I was shocked to find out that besides Austin Zane, he worked at MEN. His 5 man orgy will be released this coming Friday.

He was first known in gay porn as Travis Rider where he had sex with a woman at SG4GE, sucked and got sucked by Jake Cruise, and got fucked by Skyler Cummings at Buzz West.

He changed his name to Dominic Reed when he worked for Dirty Tony. So far, he had four scenes released.

He also used the name Dominic Rider when he worked for MEN. So far, he had two scenes released.

This week, he used the name Casey for his work at Chaos Men.

[Thanks GMan]

Thank you Belami Online for releasing another scene of Kris Evans. In his latest scene, he was paired with Tom Pollock. For me, I prefer Kris in a duo so I can concentrate on him. Too many guys lessens his camera time.

The two porn stars, Robert Van Damme and Tyler Sweet, has been paired for the second time. The first time happened inside the shower room at MEN. The second one happened inside the bedroom at Cocksure Men.

Which porn site did better?