Winners of Corbie 2012

Corbin Fisher just announced the winners Corbie 2012 voted by fans for the stars and scenes of 2012. Did you agree or disagree with the results?

Freshman of the Year and Best Solo – Harper


Best Top – Connor


Best Bottom and Most Verbal Performer – Aiden


Most Versatile Performer – Dawson


Best Cum Shot – Aiden’s Quadruple Load


Best Duo – Cain & Harper’s Gym Flip Fuck


Best Group – CF 9-XXX Workout


Kinkiest Video – Tom Dominates Dawson


Reverse fucking for Duncan Black

When MEN announced that he was an exclusive, he also had scenes released by Dominic Ford when he competed and won at So You Think You Can Fuck. It still says on the MEN porn site that he is an exclusive. Yet, another porn site named Phoenixx, just released a scene of Duncan Black as a bottom and gotten a reverse fuck from Connor Patricks.


Axl of Active Duty and his new tattoos

When Axl was introduced by Active Duty, he became controversial due to his racist tattoos. The 14 & 18 tattoos were even covered in some of his scenes. He is back with a new scene with Sawyer where it showed more tattoos to his body.

axl_active_duty_tattoos_01 axl_active_duty_tattoos_02

The tattoo on his hands when joined together says “Гони бабки” which means “Gimme The Money” which originated inside the prison and often used when your are in a dark alley.

CONFIRMED Pierce of Sean Cody will NOT be working for Corbin Fisher

Pierce of Sean Cody who is now known as Ryan Rose mentioned a couple of days ago that he was working for Corbin Fisher. Unfortunately, the porn gig didn’t pan out according to an interview he have for James, owner of What The World Does Not Need.

“Yes, I was going to start with Corbin Fisher, but unfortunately things didn’t pan out. That’s about all I can elaborate on that. I’m sorry I can’t go into further detail.”

pierce_aka_ryan_rose_01 pierce_aka_ryan_rose_02

He still won’t say in the interview on what’s next for him in gay porn. He did have a cameo role at Helix Studios. Was this an indication that we will see more of him at Helix Studios?

I’m sorry.  I can’t comment at this time on any future scenes or any companies I may be working with. You’re just going to have to follow me and find out.


I also asked Ryan Rose on twitter about his experience at Sean Cody.

Who was your favorite?


How was the atmosphere during filming a scene?


Josh West also did bisexual porn

If I am not mistake, Josh West [gallery] started in gay porn in 2005. He had a relationship with a fellow porn star named Johnny Gunn.

johnny_west_gay_bi_pornstar_02 johnny_west_gay_bi_pornstar_03

In an interview at Falcon Studios, he mentioned that he was married to a woman for 4 years. So, his bisexual scene [gallery] released by Divine Bitches last March 2, 2011, was nothing new to him.

johnny_west_gay_bi_pornstar_06 johnny_west_gay_bi_pornstar_07

[tip @ Dean]