It took three years for Ashton to finally agree to bottom on camera. He started in 2009 using the name Marshall and worked for Fratmen, Fratpad & Fratmen Sucks till 2011. It was only this year that he went site hopping. He started at College Dudes as Marshall White then as Ace White at Randy Blue and finally, as Ashton. It was only Corbin Fisher who was able to convince him to do more than suck a guy’s cock.

The owners of Gay Room created a new site called Gay Castings. The concept of the site is that the guys want to break into the porn business. We all know it is a fake/fantasy since these guys have done porn in other sites.

Check out these 10 galleries to get a feel of the site. Clicking each photo will open to the free gallery.

If you plan to join, don’t try the $1 promo. You won’t be able to view any of the video. Also, this porn site will not give you access to other sites under Gay Room.

There are still a handful of porn site owners this 2012 who have sex with their models in front of the camera such as Jake Cruise, Dirty Tony, Daddy Mugs, Seth Chase, Drake Rock and Brandon Marley.

Are porn porn owners in front of the camera still hot or not?

2006 LOOK Braden Charron’s solo was released last April 2006 by Randy Blue.

JUNE 2012 LOOK His scene with Derek Atlas, as a bottom, was released last June 2012.

OCT 2012 LOOK His current scene released this month by Randy Blue was a flip fuck with Jaxton Wheeler.

Is Braden Charron still hot or not?

His solo at Corbin Fisher using the name Damon was released last April 2012. He did have an action scene but it was with a woman. Corbin Fisher was unable to convince Cruz to do more with a man. Thanks to Chaos Men, he is now doing more in gay porn using the name Cruz.

Soon, we will get to see him bottom at Chaos Men as part of the holiday marathon special this coming December.

It was claimed by Dominic Ford that Joey Cooper’s scene with Topher Di Maggio was the first scene he filmed in gay porn “We love breaking in new talent, and this scene is Joey Cooper’s first time *ever* being on film.“.

But, two porn sites were first to release a scene of Joey Cooper in action.

The first one was with Bait Buddies where he was fucked by Duncan Black.

The second one was Circle Jerk Boys where Joey was fucked by Josh Long.

The best way to prove the claim of Dominic Ford is to check the production dates of each video.

He is currently working for Randy Blue and his latest scene was a flip fuck with the now tanned and muscular Braden Charron. He did use the name Valentino when he worked for Chaos Men.

He shared his passion for rapping on YouTube called “C2 Kaos – Youtube Song 1“. The rapping starts in 4 minutes.

He shared his music on Reverbnation under the name c2kaos. To listen to his style of singing, click each title and press play.