Cody Cummings was never fucked by another guy

He has retired from his self titled porn site Cody Cummings a few months ago. The most widely talked scenes of his where that of him as a fake bottom.


Everyone knew but Cody Cummings finally admitted it was fake in a UK documentary called Date My Porn Star.


He confirmed it again on twitter.


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Gay Porn News

ONE Michael Lucas was assaulted by Vito Gallo. The incident was reported by New York PostAlthough he’s not charged with assault, video footage appears to show the tall porn actor push and strike Lucas in the neck and shoulder as the skin flick titan tries to call cops.

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According to Marc MacNamara, former employee of Lucas Entertainment that the story was exaggerated. However, there is a rumor that Vito was mad because he was being cornered into filming a scene without the use of condoms.


TWO Corbin Fisher will have live shows of their guys using the Flirt4Free system.


THREE David Forrest was accused of Slate Steele for using his name under his Meet The Stars. Is this proof that most of the stars listed in David’s Meet The Stars are used without the consent of the porn star?


FOUR Ryan Rose found a new love, fellow porn star Ethan Slade. It seems Ryan loves Latinos.


FIVE For his last porn stop, Diesel is currently working with Cocky Boys.

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SIX Liam Magnusson announced his retirement to gay porn but he won’t be gone on twitter.


Jaxton Wheeler is back in gay porn

No scenes of Jaxton Wheeler (aka Valentino) has been released this year until last month. It started with a solo from The Guy Site.

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His scenes with MEN will soon be released. He recently filmed his second scene for them.


When he is not busy with gay porn, he is busy as a lead singer of a band, which he shared on twitter.