So far in gay porn, Mike de Marco has had 1 solo scene released by Bad Puppy and  5 action scenes.

TOP Of the five action scenes, the first to release a scene of him was Gay Room where he fucked Connor Patrick.

BOTTOM After that, he got fucked in the four scenes that were released of him. He was fucked by Tyler Saint at Gay Room.

Then, he played the submissive bottom with his scene at Bound In Public.

Then, he worked for Jake Cruise where he got fucked by Doug Jeffries.

Finally, he got fucked by Boston Miles at Cocksure Men.

Darius is one of the new guys this month at Sean Cody. Hopefully, there will be more of him than a solo. Lets hope this is his contingency plan if his modelling career did not succeed 🙂

Comparing his shoot at Sean Cody with his shoots as a model.

images on the right @ rSEANd and David Vance

More of Darius at Sean Cody.

[Thanks Von Schlomo]

In the latest scene released of Conner Maguire by Next Door Buddies, his new and improved body was not yet evident. The scene was shot before he started adding bulk to his body.

Thanks to the inventors of twitter, Conner has been sharing his new and improved body via his twitter account.

Hopefully, a porn site has test driven his new body and will release the scene soon 🙂

Corbin Fisher avoids labeling their models. Instead, he uses the words “I’m into guys” to let us know that his model is either bi or gay. This month of October, Corbin Fisher had two scenes released, a week apart, where one of the guys is really into guys.

FIRST WEEKI prefer guys” Kip fucked and made Dawson swallow his load.

SECOND WEEKLikes jocks and athletic type of guys” Parker was fucked by Connor.

I want to watch Sinclair grow as a gay porn star at Chaos Men. He has done a solo and his education in gay porn has started – he recently had his cock sucked by Tatum.

Next to his porn education is to suck a cock, fuck a guy and finally get fucked. Please make it happen Chaos Men.

Before Chase Austin left for Prague to work for Belami Online, he did six scenes as a bottom and one as a top.

Chase Austin will be the 17th American to work for Belami Online.

  1. Chance (1997)
  2. Adam Dexter (2006)
  3. Dawson of Corbin Fisher (2009)
  4. Connor of Corbin Fisher (2009)
  5. Elijah of Corbin Fisher (2009)
  6. Josh of Corbin Fisher (2009)
  7. Zeke of Corbin Fisher (2009)
  8. Bobby Clark (2009)
  9. Skyler Caine (2009)
  10. Jesse Santana (2009)
  11. Mick Lovell  (2011)
  12. Alex Waters (2011)
  13. Brady Jansen (2011)
  14. Spencer Fox (2011)
  15. Austin Merrick (2011)
  16. Max Ryder (2012)

Marcus Ruhl did start as a bottom in gay porn. Lately, there have been more scenes of him as a top than as a bottom. The latest porn site to release a scene of Marcus Ruhl as a top was MEN where he fucked Christopher Daniels.