Vincent of Sean Cody is now Vic Valentino

Vincent was introduced by Sean Cody last July 12, 2010. He only had a solo.

vincent_seancody_vic_valentino_01 vincent_seancody_vic_valentino_02

He is back in porn after two years where he was given the name Vic Valentino. Unfortunately, his comeback was a str8 scene released by Next Door Hookups. In his return, he also have a new tattoo on the left side of his body.

vincent_seancody_vic_valentino_04 vincent_seancody_vic_valentino_05

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From Jackson Taylor “We will no longer shoot individually without the other”

The latest scene released of the lovers, Jackson Taylor and Trevor Laster, was from Naked Sword.


In an interview they gave for Gay Demon last Nov. 25, 2012, Jackson Taylor mentioned they will no longer shoot individually without the other.

Right now we have decided to market ourselves as a couple, meaning we will no longer shoot individually without the other. If studios would like to add another or so that’s fine, but we will not shoot with other models alone.

He also mentioned in the interview that he wanted to work for Falcon Studios.

 I would love to work with Next Door Studios same as Falcon/Raging Stallion. Both companies have surprised me with the way they work.

Well, early this month of January 2013, he did a shoot for Falcon Studios without Trevor Laster. Angel Rock shared a behind the scene photo of him with Jackson Taylor.


I guess the couple changed their minds on working only with one another in gay porn.

Will Pierce of Sean Cody work for Corbin Fisher?

Sean Cody introduced Pierce to the gay porn world last Dec. 19, 2011 where he had 13 scenes. He had one oral scene and the rest were bareback. Although he did top, he got fucked in all 12 scenes.

pierce_seancody_aka_ryan_rose_02 pierce_seancody_aka_ryan_rose_03
pierce_seancody_aka_ryan_rose_04 pierce_seancody_aka_ryan_rose_05

His contract with Sean Cody has ended. He is now known as Ryan Rose on twitter. He tweeted twice that he will be working for Corbin Fisher this month.


I get the feeling that he was joking when he sent these two tweets. He just shared a BTS photo that did not look like it was done at Corbin Fisher. Knowing Corbin Fisher, they would have made him close his twitter account already.

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Real life LOVERS doing bareback porn

Last week, two scenes of real life lovers doing bareback were released. The first one was with lovers Blake Daniels and Blue Bailey. They had a flip fuck scene, titled The Real World, released by Edger9.


The second one was with lovers Connor Kline and Casey Tanner. The taller Connor was barebacked by Casey in a scene titled Player Fucks Coach released by Helix Studios.


With and without condoms for Steve Vex aka Vic Stone

He did a few condom scenes as Steve Vex. For instance at Cocksure Men, Steve had scenes as a top to Parker London and lovers Morgan Black and Dominic Sol released.

steve_vex_aka_vic_stone_02 steve_vex_aka_vic_stone_03

But, he was more known as Vic Stone for his bareback work at SX Video. His soon to be released scene was with Joey for the movie Bareback Bound.


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