The HAIRY Justin Gennaro of Randy Blue OR the clean cut Gennaro of Chaos Men?

HAIRY Last week, Randy Blue introduced Justin Gennaro.

CLEAN CUT Prior to his work at Randy Blue, he was Gennaro at Chaos Men where he had a solo and serviced video released last March 2012.

Less or more body and facial hair for Justin Gennaro?

Sean Summers of College Dudes == Landon of Corbin Fisher

SEAN SUMMERS His work at College Dudes is a comeback to gay porn. He did work for Dirk Yates and All Worlds and left porn.

This year, Sean Summers returned to gay porn via College Dudes last March 2012 where he had four five scenes – 2 solos and 3 action scenes.

LANDON Last May 31, 2012, he was given the name Landon by Corbin Fisher. There was no solo released. The reason, I guess, is that he has done prior work in gay porn. To make it more exciting for fans who recognized him, he had a bareback scene with Harper.

FYI There are two Sean Summers in gay porn. The other one worked for Southern Strokes.

[Thanks Jeff, Spongey & Flygal]

The latest GAY 4 PAY porn star – XTube’s Bravo Delta

Bravo Delta is a product of XTube. In his profile, he said he was straight and was only into girls. In fact one of his turn offs is “I’m not into guys“.

This “not into guys” XTube member has accepted a job in gay porn. He is currently an exclusive of Cocky Boys, where he had an oral scene with Max Ryder.

Dale of Sean Cody auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance 9

The first openly gay man in 2011 at Sean Cody was Dale. His solo was released last March 2011.

Last week, So You Think You Can Dance 9 included Dale as one dancers auditioning for the show.

His performance was not shown. For now, we don’t know if he got a ticket to Las Vegas.

[Thanks Garrie]

I auditioned but I did not make it at Sean Cody – Cole Sutter and Dean Carter

Both Cole Sutter and Dean Carter had gay porn experience before they auditioned for Sean Cody.

COLE SUTTER He had four scenes released by Randy Blue from 2005 to 2006 – 2 solos, shoved a dildo up his hole and an oral scene.

With a shorter hair, his audition video as guy #1 was released by Sean Cody last October 2008.

DEAN CARTER He had three scenes released by College Dudes from April to May 2008 – a solo and two action scenes as a bottom.

With longer hair, his audition video as guy #2 was released by Sean Cody last October 2008.

Was the new look made them not Sean Cody material?

[Thanks Terry]

Ultimate Fighter Daron Cruickshank was Travis Michaels of Randy Blue

One of the fighters of this season’s Ultimate Fighter had a gay porn past. He is Daron Cruickshank and he is on Team Faber.

Daron only did a solo as Travis Michaels at Randy Blue in 2008.

COMPARING a photo from Randy Blue with a photo from his Facebook fan page (open to everyone)

[Thanks Bob]