Tyson’s first guy scene at Corbin Fisher

Tyson is not new to gay porn. He is also known as Haigan Sence. Lately, he was introduced by Corbin Fisher via a str8 scene. His scene with Blake is his first with a guy at Corbin Fisher. This is also not his first bareback scene. He has done raw scenes at Chaos Men.


If you want to stalk follow him, he is on twitter and he shares photos of himself clothed and naked.


Sebastian Young drank a lot of water for this scene

If my count was correct, Sebastian Young pissed 5 times for this scene with Jecht Parker at Lucas Raunch for the movie The Wetter, The Better 4.

sebastian_young_pissing_01 sebastian_young_pissing_02

I think Sebastian enjoyed filming this scene. He never had a wood problems. In fact, it was Jecht who had a hard time getting a hard on.