I auditioned but I did not make it at Sean Cody – Cole Sutter and Dean Carter

Both Cole Sutter and Dean Carter had gay porn experience before they auditioned for Sean Cody.

COLE SUTTER He had four scenes released by Randy Blue from 2005 to 2006 – 2 solos, shoved a dildo up his hole and an oral scene.

With a shorter hair, his audition video as guy #1 was released by Sean Cody last October 2008.

DEAN CARTER He had three scenes released by College Dudes from April to May 2008 – a solo and two action scenes as a bottom.

With longer hair, his audition video as guy #2 was released by Sean Cody last October 2008.

Was the new look made them not Sean Cody material?

[Thanks Terry]

Ultimate Fighter Daron Cruickshank was Travis Michaels of Randy Blue

One of the fighters of this season’s Ultimate Fighter had a gay porn past. He is Daron Cruickshank and he is on Team Faber.

Daron only did a solo as Travis Michaels at Randy Blue in 2008.

COMPARING a photo from Randy Blue with a photo from his Facebook fan page (open to everyone)

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The next King of Bottoms – Angel Rock?

Angel Rock was barebacked by his ex-lover when they did amateur live shows at Flirt 4 Free in 2010.

He entered gay porn after his amateur live shows. He was strictly top. Until, this month of May 2012 when College Dudes released the scene of Angel Rock as a bottom to Bryan Cavallo.

In the next few months, Angel will be fucked in a gang-bang according to Rob Romoni.

Will this mark a change of direction for Angel Rock as a gay porn star?

Choose your favorite porn star in the CF’s 9-XXX workout

Corbin Fisher released their 9 man bareback orgy last May 24, 2012.

Dawson was the oldest at 25 while Cain was the youngest at 20. The biggest cock belonged to Connor at 8.5″ while the smallest cock belonged to Duncan at 5.5″. Only Cain has an uncut cock. For feet lovers, the biggest feet belonged to Connor and Tom at 12″.

The busiest hole was Dawson where he was fucked and creampied by 8 guys.

Of the 9 porn stars in the orgy, who was your favorite?

You will now know if a scene at Corbin Fisher is BAREBACK

In the past, Corbin Fisher rarely mentioned if the scene they released is bareback. There were also instances were the condom suddenly disappeared in the middle or end part of a scene. Now, a notice has been added if a scene is bareback “This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.