New guys this week – Benson, Kip Johnson, & Tyler Hills

Benson of Sean Cody, who talked about his experience with another guy.

new_guys_this_week_benson_seancody_01 new_guys_this_week_benson_seancody_02

There are only a handful of guys in gay porn who have long hair. Add to the list the 6’2 tall Kip Johnson of Extra Big Dicks.

new_guys_this_week_kip_johnson_extrabigdicks_01 new_guys_this_week_kip_johnson_extrabigdicks_02

Just for being 6’6″, Tyler Hills at Southern Strokes.

new_guys_this_week_tyler_hills_southern_strokes_01 new_guys_this_week_tyler_hills_southern_strokes_02

Lance Bennet appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Not as a guest, but one of the random strangers asked with a confusing question to get a laugh from the audience and viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In case you don’t know who Lance Bennet, he known for his work with Jake Cruise and Cocksure Men.

lance_bennet_jimmy_kimmel_01 lance_bennet_jimmy_kimmel_02

[tip @ Ryan]