Like or dislike? Max Ryder at Belami Online

It was announced last May 2012 that the 16th American porn star, Max Ryder, was working for Belami Online. They shared photos but it was only this month that they released the two part video. We had to wait for 7 months. Was it worth the wait? It had Max Ryder fucked by four Belami guys.

max_hunter_belamionline_02 max_hunter_belamionline_03

HOLE of Adam Archuleta

Adam Archuleta is seldom a bottom. For bottoms at Belami Online, they usually practice first with a dildo inside their hole to loosen it up before the actual shoot. But, this was a solo shoot so there was no need for Adam to loosen up his hole. So, how come his hole is this big? Genetics? Or, he loves to get fucked on his private time? Or, this solo shoot was taken after he got fucked?


The sexuality of Dominic Pacifico

When his str8 scene at Divine Bitches was released, I asked him on twitter if that scene made him str8 for pay. He said “Yup”. That would mean he was not attracted to women, right? Also there were also interviews were he mentioned he was attracted to men & dated his scene partner.


Recently, he admitted on Facebook that he was bisexual and mostly gay.


[tip @ Martin]