Brandon Lewis back at MEN

Brandon Lewis had to work somewhere else since the all the exclusives, like him, of Next Door Studios were laid off one by one. He is back working for MEN in an orgy titled “The Strippers” where he was fucked by all four men, namely, Liam Magnuson, Jack King, Jimmy Johnson and Colby Jansen.


The model in Sheldon of Sean Cody

It’s unfortunate, he did not have sex with another man when he worked in gay porn. As Sheldon at Sean Cody, he only did one solo. As Hunter at My Friend’s Feet, we got to enjoy his lovely feet. And as Tak, he only wrestled with other guys at Thunder Arena Wrestling such as fellow Sean Cody alum Harrison.


Sheldon aka Hunter aka Tak‘s photos as a model were shared by 7bit Image and Design.

sheldon_aka_hunter_aka_tak_05 sheldon_aka_hunter_aka_tak_06

I am asking everyone not to include his real name and links when you make a comment in this post. I prefer Search engines, such as Google, not to index this post if one is searching for his real name. Thank you for your understanding.

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Some porn news on Hunter Page, more lovers on Helix Studios, and Tommy Defendi

Interview with Hunter Page

Unlike most porn stars, Hunter Page simply just replied “GAY” when he was asked a question about his sexuality in an interview with What The World Does Not Need. Most porn stars would elaborate their answer, making me feel he is trying to defend himself and trying not to offend his gay fans. For those who like their gay porn star to be actually gay, add Hunter Page to your list.


More porn stars in love at Helix Studios

Good news! It seems Helix Studios is a breeding ground for real GAY porn stars. Add Ian Levine [twitter] and Kenneth Pantera [twitter] to the list of porn stars who are in a relationship and currently working for Helix Studios.


Too much love for Tommy Defendi

He has been in gay porn since 2008 yet he is still getting offers as an exclusive model from different studios. For the second time, Raging Stallion announced that they are getting Tommy Defendi once again as an exclusive model. Fans can’t seem to get enough of him.


The non white, Austin Merrick, at Belami

This was the description of the scene of Austin Merrick’s latest scene released by Belami Online, where he got fucked by Adam Archuleta.

We are having quite an international week this week, we present today a scene with American model Austin Merrick and Adam Archuleta. 2 Notes from GDuroy: For those who criticize GD for featuring non white models Austin is mulatto and for those who are upset of Americans using condoms, we simply do not know the sexual history of the American models.


It created controversy to the words chosen by Belami Online, particularly the words “non white” and “mulatto”.

They sent a press release, via email, written by David Dixon. The reason for the mishap was due to lost in translation. For more, read this article from The Sword.

The comment in the scene description on the site appeared as the following:

“For those who criticize (BelAmi founder GDuroy) for featuring non-white models, Austin is mulatto.”

Yes, if that were the true intention it would be pretty racist. The comment in the scene description was originally written as follows: “For those who criticize (GDuroy) for featuring ONLY white models, Austin is mulatto.”

What happened is a misprint, not a racial attack. The person who was re-writing the comment online in the Prague office is not a native speaker and didn’t realize the (huge) difference in the meaning.

You be the judge.

SAME GUY? Tate of Fratmen and will of Sean Cody

In May of 2009, he was introduced by Fratmen as Tate. After more than 3 years, it seems he is back in gay porn. It was mentioned in a comment sent by Squiggy at Waybig the the new guy at Sean Cody named Will was also Tate of Fratmen.

fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_01 fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_02
fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_03 fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_04
fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_05 fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_06
fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_07 fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_08

Same guy? The hairstyle hasn’t changed in 3 years. Except for the thickness, both have the same shape of eyebrows.