Second pair-up of Jack Blue and Ariel Vanean at Belami Online

In their first pair-up at Belami Online last 2010, Jack Blue, who wore a condom, fucked Ariel Vanean.


This month, Belami Online released another scene that paired the same porn star. This time, their roles were reversed. It was Ariel who topped Jack this time and added a twist, it was bareback.


For those who missed Michael Lucas in action

It’s been awhile since we saw the owner of Lucas Entertainment, Michael Lucas, in action in front of the camera. I believe his last scene was released last February 2012. If you missed him, he had two scenes in the latest movie titled Popping D.O’s Cherry. Unfortunately, both scenes had him as a top to Hans Berlin and Justin Cruise.

michael_lucas_back_in_action_02 michael_lucas_back_in_action_03
michael_lucas_back_in_action_04 michael_lucas_back_in_action_05
michael_lucas_back_in_action_06 michael_lucas_back_in_action_07

GAY 4 PAY Cameron Foster is getting hotter

He used the name Cameron when he worked for Sean Cody and used the name Foster when he worked for Corbin Fisher. He combined both names as his permanent porn name.

This month, 2 scenes of Cameron Foster were already released, one with a woman [gallery] and the other one a threesome with Johnny Torque and Brody Wilder [gallery] at Next Door Buddies.

Soon to be released this month, Dec 20, 2012, at Next Door Buddies is his flip fuck scene with Jimmy Clay called Switching Pockets.

Jimmy Johnson in a THREESOME with Jack King & Johnny Rapid

Under sexual position, it stated he was versatile in his profile at MEN. Yet, no scene of Jimmy as a bottom has been released. However, I was told by Chad, who works for MEN that he will soon have a scene released as a bottom. For the meantime, we get to enjoy Jimmy in a threesome that included two hot porn stars – Jack King and Johnny Rapid.

The riding lessons of D.O continues

It was announced last Oct 2012 that D.O finally decided to bottom on camera. Lucas Entertainment has filmed four scenes of D.O as a bottom. The first one was Hot Rod and followed by Trenton Ducati. The latest, which was released recently, was with Edji DaSilva.

The fourth will be with Adam Killian. Who will be next for D.O?