Connor Kline is moving on

When Connor Kline created his twitter account, it mentioned he was an exclusive of Helix Studios.


It’s over. His exclusivity to Helix Studios is not anymore indicated on his recent twitter profile.


He is now freelance porn star. Two porn sites, Hot House (with Leo Dominico) and Jet Set Men, released a preview photo of him.

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New guys this week – Benson, Kip Johnson, & Tyler Hills

Benson of Sean Cody, who talked about his experience with another guy.

new_guys_this_week_benson_seancody_01 new_guys_this_week_benson_seancody_02

There are only a handful of guys in gay porn who have long hair. Add to the list the 6’2 tall Kip Johnson of Extra Big Dicks.

new_guys_this_week_kip_johnson_extrabigdicks_01 new_guys_this_week_kip_johnson_extrabigdicks_02

Just for being 6’6″, Tyler Hills at Southern Strokes.

new_guys_this_week_tyler_hills_southern_strokes_01 new_guys_this_week_tyler_hills_southern_strokes_02

Lance Bennet appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Not as a guest, but one of the random strangers asked with a confusing question to get a laugh from the audience and viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In case you don’t know who Lance Bennet, he known for his work with Jake Cruise and Cocksure Men.

lance_bennet_jimmy_kimmel_01 lance_bennet_jimmy_kimmel_02

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