The sexuality of Dominic Pacifico

When his str8 scene at Divine Bitches was released, I asked him on twitter if that scene made him str8 for pay. He said “Yup”. That would mean he was not attracted to women, right? Also there were also interviews were he mentioned he was attracted to men & dated his scene partner.


Recently, he admitted on Facebook that he was bisexual and mostly gay.


[tip @ Martin]

Eddy Cruz aka Roman aka Jimmy Roman

He was introduced by Gentleman’s Closet as Eddy Roman last May 2012.


A few months later, he was introduced last Sept. 2012 as Roman at Boy Pissing. His action scene was released was just released this month.


He also had a scene, using the name Roman, released by MEN last September 2012.

eddy_cruz_roman_jimmy_roman_akas_07 eddy_cruz_roman_jimmy_roman_akas_08

Last month (Nov 2012), he was given the name Jimmy Roman from Cocksure Men where he was fucked by Jake Genesis.

eddy_cruz_roman_jimmy_roman_akas_09 eddy_cruz_roman_jimmy_roman_akas_10

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Like or dislike? Max Flint

The first to introduced Max Flint was Broke Straight Boys last June of 2012. He first had two oral scenes released which was followed by his first scene as a top. After that, two scenes as a bottom followed by an oral scene. And, the last one released was his scene as a bottom to Paul Canon.

max_flint_brokestraightboys_nextdoor_02 max_flint_brokestraightboys_nextdoor_03
max_flint_brokestraightboys_nextdoor_06 max_flint_brokestraightboys_nextdoor_07

This month, Max Flint flip fuck scene with Sebastian Conally was released by Next Door Twink.

max_flint_nextdoortwink_01 max_flint_nextdoortwink_02

Hot enough to stalk him? 🙂

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This solo of Cameron Foster earned him $2000

He was only known as Cameron when Sean Cody introduced him last November 2011. He was paid $2000k for his solo scene.


When Cameron was askedWhat was your first scene like? Were you nervous?” Cameron said

My first scene was a solo with Sean Cody and I will be real here. I was terrified that I was being flown out to some sort of sex trade market or something, because being paid $2000 to do what I would do on any given day seemed to good to be true! I was confident in my own strength though that I could get out of any situation that was not good. I arrived in San Diego and was picked up in a Limo and put in a gorgeous hotel with $100 bucks for food or whatever I please that night ( I accepted that money because I was “working” ) and they still took me out to eat at a very nice restaurant. So that being said my first scene experience was amazing!