Ashton of CF with more facial hair

Ashton of Corbin Fisher just showed his rougher side in his latest scene paired with Brayden. Gone is the chin strap and there are more facial hair. I just wish Corbin Fisher would allow more guys to have more facial and body hair.

thennow_ashton_corbinfisher_01 thennow_ashton_corbinfisher_02

I’m just curious why Corbin Fisher is stating Ashton cock is bigger than Brayden by more than 1.5 inches. If you look at the photos or watched the video, Brayden’s cock was bigger.


Riley of Fratmen = Lincoln Hawk of Flirt4Free

Seven (7) years ago, Riley was introduced by Fratmen. Only did a solo in 2006 and came back last year to work for its brother site, Fratpad.

riley_fratmen_aka_lincoln_hawk_01 riley_fratmen_aka_lincoln_hawk_02
riley_fratmen_aka_lincoln_hawk_03 riley_fratmen_aka_lincoln_hawk_04

Left Fradpad, he is now known as Lincoln Hawk, whose recent live show was yesterday.

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