Mitch Vaughn and Spencer Williams broke up before Christmas

They have been together for more than a year since their one and only bareback scene at Cocksure Men, released last September 2011, mentioned that the two are a real life couple.


And, their latest scene as a couple was released last December 19 by Peter Fever.


The announcement of their break-up happened on Mitch Vaughn’s Facebook page where he changed his status from married to single.


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Rhett of Chaos Men is Jacob Durham

Rhett was introduced this month, Dec 2012, at Chaos Men. Is this the current look of Jacob Durham? The answer is NO.

rhett_chaosmen_aka_jacob_durham_02 rhett_chaosmen_aka_jacob_durham_03

His solo had the production date of Oct 11, 2011, meaning the scene was shot last Oct 2011 but only released after more than a year.

His scene called “The Stuffing” at Fraternity X released last November 2012 is the current look of Rhett aka Jacob Durham as it had a production date of Oct 27, 2012.


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From gay to str8 porn for Haigan Sence as Tyson at Corbin Fisher

Since Haigan Sence started in porn in 2012 – his scenes were always with guys. These past months, MEN and Chaos Men have released scenes of him with and without condom.


Haigan is the new guy at Corbin Fisher using the name Tyson. Usually, new guys at Corbin Fisher are introduced via a solo jack off or an oral scene with another guy. He went straight into action with a woman.


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Is the Broke Straight Boys Jerek Miles not really STRAIGHT?

We expect them to be straight since the title of the website is Broke Straight Boys. Their latest guy is named Jerek Miles. But, a commenter on Waybig mentioned that Jerek did advertise on Craiglist looking for hook-ups with men to fuck or get fucked.


Like or dislike? Max Ryder at Belami Online

It was announced last May 2012 that the 16th American porn star, Max Ryder, was working for Belami Online. They shared photos but it was only this month that they released the two part video. We had to wait for 7 months. Was it worth the wait? It had Max Ryder fucked by four Belami guys.

max_hunter_belamionline_02 max_hunter_belamionline_03