This will be my go to video to jack off when I am alone and horny 🙂 I love Calvin since he doesn’t have any restrictions when it comes to gay sex. This week he was paired with the openly gay guy Brice.

I envy the experience of Amos at Sean Cody. He got fucked by Brodie, Calvin, and Jess.

Amos [left pictures] got a new porn job working for Chaos Men. He was named Booker [right pictures].

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When I think of Corbin Fisher, I think of str8 guys willing to do gay porn for the money. Eventually, as their careers progress, so is their sexuality. Some of them become bisexual. But, most will insist that they are still straight regardless of what they have done in gay porn.

It is very rare, like a needle in a hay stack, to find an openly gay man like Riley at Corbin Fisher. The sad thing is that an openly gay man like him will not have a long career at Corbin Fisher.

In August to October of 2009, he first used the name Rush for Chaos Men. A year later, he used the name Ryan Rush at Jet Set Men. And, between Oct 2010 and Jan 2011, he used the name Rush at Spunk Worthy. After another year, he is back this week using the name Russ for Club Amateur USA [gallery].

BOTTOM Last February 2012, Jimmy Fanz was fucked by Gavin Waters at Circle Jerk Boys.

TOP This week, he showed us his prowess as a top when he was paired with Corey Martin at Dominic Ford.

I’ve lusted for Duncan since he was introduced by Corbin Fisher. I don’t like women in my porn dish 🙂 but I am willing to watch it since Duncan is part of the scene.

This is also the first time Duncan was barebacked by a guy.

Men Over 30 is saying that Peter Finland is back in porn after 8 years. He was known as Eric York when he started porn in the early 90s.

The 8 years is a bit of an exaggeration since Sleaze 2 of SX Video was released in 2007.

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