FOUND! 4 gay men this 2012 from Sean Cody

Sean Cody sometimes identifies his model’s sexual preference. When he does, majority are straight and only a few are openly gay. So far this 2012, I only found 4 men who identified themselves as gay or are into men.

CONNOR Last February 09, 2012, his solo was released by Sean Cody. He was also barebacked by Landon.

PHILLIP Last March 04, 2012, his solo was released by Sean Cody. He had two scenes where he was fucked by his partner who wore and did not wear a condom. I’m envious of his third scene, which was with Marshall.

BRICE Last March 28, 2012, his solo was released by Sean Cody. I loved his scene with Calvin. He has a “Born This Way” tattooed on his back.

GAVIN He is the latest this month therefore only a solo was released by Sean Cody.

Noticed something similar among the 4 besides being gay? They all LOVE to BOTTOM.

With and without condoms for Jordano Santoro aka Jay Hernandez

WITH CONDOMS For his scenes that used condoms, he used the name Jordano Santoro. He is a versatile porn star where he topped and bottomed for Cocksure Men and Lucas Entertainment.

WITHOUT CONDOMS For his scene that did not use a condom, he used the name Jay Hernandez for Raw Fuck Club, where he was fucked by Darius Soli.

Why the change in name? It’s a THEORY. It seems studios, that advocate condom use, are willing to hire porn stars who did bareback if they used a different porn name.

[Thanks Row]

MODEL Jason Stark of College Dudes aka Kevin of Corbin Fisher

At College Dudes, Jason Stark did a solo and an action scene as a top to Ashton Rush. While at Corbin Fisher, he did a solo and a str8 scene.

The MODEL in Jason Stark aka Kevin (pictures from Model Mayhem)

FYI He was also known as one of the Black Sparks.

[Thanks Wallace]

Flirt4Free guys I’ve seen last month who did gay porn

Last month at Flirt4Free, I saw some guys who did live shows that did gay porn. Fratman Damon used the name Jessie John, College Dudes’ Tom Faulk, Tyler Hunt, College Dudes’ Rob Ryder, who is always online, and a duo scene between Matt Sizemore and Sam Crockett.

The HAIRY Justin Gennaro of Randy Blue OR the clean cut Gennaro of Chaos Men?

HAIRY Last week, Randy Blue introduced Justin Gennaro.

CLEAN CUT Prior to his work at Randy Blue, he was Gennaro at Chaos Men where he had a solo and serviced video released last March 2012.

Less or more body and facial hair for Justin Gennaro?