This coming Thursday, Men will release the scene of Ricky Larkin & Beaux Banks where the duo showed a sex position that you might want to try at home.

If you ❤ Ricky, he is into feet.

Something to try at home from William Seed, who is not anymore a blonde, and Beaux Banks via Men .

The versatility of Johnny Rapid in gay porn is shown in his latest threesome at Men where he was fucked by Justin Matthews while Johnny was fucking Beaux Banks.

Connor as an undercover cop for Men who needed advice from Beaux Banks.

Two back to back scenes were released by Men that included Alex Mecum.

The first one was as a bottom to Diego Sans.

And, the second one was as a top to Beaux Banks.

The mouth & hole of the 5’6 Beaux Banks was shared by 2 gay 4 pays – the 6’3 Cliff Jensen & the 6’2 Ashton McKay [via Men].