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The non white, Austin Merrick, at Belami

This was the description of the scene of Austin Merrick’s latest scene released by Belami Online, where he got fucked by Adam Archuleta. We are having quite an international week this week, we present today a scene with American model Austin Merrick and Adam Archuleta. 2 Notes from GDuroy: For those who criticize GD for

I love you Jack Harrer but not your latest scene

I admit I am a fan of Jack Harrer. But, I am not a fan of his latest work at Belami Online. The scene started with Jack fucking Chris Hoyt and the sucking of cocks started in the middle and end. It was like eating your dessert first before your main meal 🙂 Also, I

A new look for Lorenzo Gray of Belami Online

Lorenzo Gray was introduced by Belami Online last May 2011. He is back at Belami Online this year with another solo. THEN & NOW on Lorenzo Gray [tip @ Random Guy]

Like or dislike? Max Ryder at Belami Online

It was announced last May 2012 that the 16th American porn star, Max Ryder, was working for Belami Online. They shared photos but it was only this month that they released the two part video. We had to wait for 7 months. Was it worth the wait? It had Max Ryder fucked by four Belami

HOLE of Adam Archuleta

  • December 25, 2012
  • Hole

Adam Archuleta is seldom a bottom. For bottoms at Belami Online, they usually practice first with a dildo inside their hole to loosen it up before the actual shoot. But, this was a solo shoot so there was no need for Adam to loosen up his hole. So, how come his hole is this big?

Always a top for Jim Kerouac

I have never seen a scene of Jim Kerouac as a bottom. He was always a top at Belami Online.. Jim Kerouac was paired in a bareback scene with Vadim Farrell, who is seldom a bottom. His latest was a bareback scene with Vadim Farrell, who is seldom a bottom.

Are Roger and Dolph Lambert really cousins?

When Robert Lambert was introduced by Belami Online last November 2010, it mentioned that he was the cousin of Dolph Lambert “A lot of you have been asking for us to introduce you to Dolph Lambert‘s cousin, so today we are happy to comply.“.  After months of waiting since it was announced, their first scene