He has been working for College Dudes for years and College Dudes decided to film some scenes without the use condoms since February. Therefore, it was just a matter of time that Bryan Cavallo will have a bareback scene released.

Last August, his first bareback scene was released where he fucked Bryan McCallister.


This month, it was his turn to get fucked raw.


It has been awhile since he bottomed at College Dudes. He did bottom for Cole at Gay Hoopla but it was not bareback.

Unfortunately, you have to wait a little bit more. The scene will be released next month according to Gay HooplaNext month you will get to see COLE bottom as he takes it like a champ while CODY fucks him hard.

Cole is a former Fratmen while Cody White worked for College Dudes as Bryan Cavallo and Corbin Fisher as Bryan.


For the meantime, just be content with Cole topping Cody at Gay Hoopla.


The scene required condom use.


But Cody, as Bryan Cavallo, did have a bareback scene with Brad McCallister at College Dudes.


Last June 2012, their first pair up titled, Bryan FUCKS Rob, was released by College Dudes. After 9 months, another scene of the two titled, Bryan NAILS Rob, was released.

bryan_cavallo_fucksnails_robrobryder_01 bryan_cavallo_fucksnails_robrobryder_02
bryan_cavallo_fucksnails_robrobryder_03 bryan_cavallo_fucksnails_robrobryder_04
bryan_cavallo_fucksnails_robrobryder_05 bryan_cavallo_fucksnails_robrobryder_06
bryan_cavallo_fucksnails_robrobryder_07 bryan_cavallo_fucksnails_robrobryder_08

The two porn stars, Bryan & Rob, also do live shows at Flirt 4 Free.


First, a background on Bryan Cavallo. He started with Corbin Fisher in 2009. He transferred to College Dudes a year later. He is still with College Dudes. In fact, his latest scene was released this week.


Besides his work with College Dudes, he is also doing live shows at Flirt 4 Free.


Two months ago, he shared 4 videos of him singing on Youtube. He even wrote a song titled Country Boy.

[Youtube videos requested be removed by Bryan Cavallo]

If you listened to any of the video, he did mention his name. If you do a search, he is currently working as scout for a casting firm for adult entertainment.

[image requested be removed by Bryan Cavallo]

He also made a huge mistake when he was younger.

[image requested be removed by Bryan Cavallo]

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