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OUTDOORS with Peter Comely & Rudy Martins

Rudy Martins barebacked by Peter Comely while lying on his back on the road for Cocksure Men.

OUTDOOR SEX with Tomas Decastro & Arnold Veransk

Cocksure Men had Tomas Decastro bareback Arnold Veransk by the bushes. Itchy? 🙂 If this scene was filmed in the US, the guys would have laid down on a towel or some sort of sheets.

BY THE LAKE with Rudy Martins & Dom Ully

In time for summer, Cocksure Men had Rudy Martins barebacked Dom Ully on the pier of a lake.

OUTDOORS with Paul Fresh, Luke Ward & Aron Ros

I agree with Cocksure Men that sex is more fun if done outdoors 🙂

ALIAS Van Morris aka Alex Stan

The latest update at Cocksure Men is a scene of Van Morris paired Max Bourne, who is also known as Zdenek Hemcak. Van is also known as Alex Stan at William Higgins and its sister site Str8 Hell. So far, only Str8 Hell has released a scene of him paired with a guy. [info shared

ESCORT Shawn Hunter

Chaos Men introduced him as Shawn in 2008. He left the studio and became Shawn Hunter till 2009. He is back as an escort and is currently looking for clients in Las Vegas. [info shared by John]

NEW LOOK for Maxim Moira aka Honza Forst

The latest scene released of Maxim Moira is from Cocksure Men. When he started gay porn, he was known as Honza Forst at William Higgins. He also used the name Stanley Stone like his work at Staxus. [info shared by Peter and Random Guy]