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SEX POSITION TO TRY from Colby Jansen & Dennis West

Front & back fucking of Dennis West by Colby Jansen from Men.

FLIP FUCK with Dennis West & Jake Bass

Dennis West seems to be a popular guy at MEN. He already had 13 scenes released since July. Does this mean Dennis was semi hard when the photo was taken since his cock was bent?

UNCLE Dennis West

Maybe due to his age or he did mention in one of his scenes that he was attracted to young guys, Men had Dennis West play the dirty uncle.


Mustache is currently not a trend in gay porn. But, Dennis had to play the dirty uncle at Men and the studio thought a mustache was appropriate 😉 Open mouth was also required by Men 🙂

BAREBACK 3SOME with Dennis West, Vadim Black & Dylan Bridges

Fill it up! via Juicy Boys

MASK ON OR MASK OFF while having sex with your intruder?

Connor Maguire played the thief while Dennis West had the thief fetish 🙂 at MEN.

NEW GUY: Dylan Bridges

Juicy Boys latest scene introduced a new guy named Dylan Bridges. He was bareback by Dennis Reed, who played the friend of Dylan’s step father.