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JOCK: Ace (2013) is back as Clark Bates

Fratmen introduced Ace way back in 2013. He is back via Gay Hoopla as Clark Bates. [info shared by Matt]

ALIAS: Brad Bison aka Jaxon

Brad Bison is on of the new live cam models at Gay Hoopla. Like a handful of Gay Hoopla guys, he started at Fratmen as Jaxon. Fratmen has not added a new guy this year. [info shared by Loa]

MORE TATTOOS for Taylor Black aka Felix

He only did solo shoots in 2011 for College Dudes as Taylor Black and Felix at Fratmen. Two years later, this was him modelling for Kevin Kelli. This is him now. [info shared by Rega]

2006 VS 2015 Kenton of Sean Cody

Kenton is the new guy this week at Sean Cody. He was known as Danny when he worked for Fratmen in 2006. [info read @ SexFlexible.com]

ALIAS Fratmen Kristian as Corbin Fisher Tim

Last May 2014, Fratmen introduced Kristian. He is the new guy at Corbin Fisher and he was given the name Tim. 2014 VERSUS 2015 [info shared by Jason401]

ALIAS Fratmen Cale as Sean Cody Elliott

The new guy this week at Sean Cody is named Elliott. He was formerly known as Cale at Fratmen in 2008. Will he do more at Sean Cody? [info shard by Danny & Terry]

Another solo for Davis of Corbin Fisher

He was first known as Gunther at Fratmen in 2012. Then, he became Davis at Corbin Fisher in 2013. Now, he is again Davis, this time for Spunk Worthy.