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FRESH MEAT: Alex Griffen

Gay Hoopla mentioned in his solo that he has a giant dick but did not include the measurement of Alex Griffen Jr. 🙂

BUBBLE BUTT: Jimmy Bona with Kyle Dean

Gay Hoopla had the ass of Jimmy Bona fucked by Kyle Dean.

UNCUT COCKS: Phillip Anadarko with Jerry Cabrera

Not one but two guys with uncut cocks were paired by Gay Hoopla.

UNCUT COCK of Max Markoff

Max Markoff will be introduced by Gay Hoopla this coming Friday. He already did a str8 scene for its sister site – Hot Guys Fuck.

MUSCLED Eddie Alvarado’s FIRST TIME with a guy

According to Gay Hoopla, Neal Peterson is Eddie Alvarado’s first experience with a guy in gay porn. But, Gay Hoopla is known for releasing out of sequence scenes of their guys. You’ll never know if they are telling the truth.

BIGGER GUY FUCKED: Jerry Cabrera with Sean Costin

Gay Hoopla had the 5’7″ Jerry Cabrera fuck the 6’1″ Sean Costin.

Jerry Cabrera DEVIRGINIZED by Kyle Dean

For his 3rd scene released by Gay Hoopla, Jerry Cabrera finally agreed to bottom. His scene partner was Kyle Dean.