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ON TV Jarod Spear of Gay Hoopla

He was first known Gay Hoopla as Brad Spear but his first name was later renamed to Jarod. No reason was given. Last week, he was spotted by a fan on American Ninja Warrior. @menofporn Jarod of Gayhoopla on American Ninja Warrior last night. pic.twitter.com/n2szGRWEgf — treklord23 (@treklord23) July 28, 2015 [info shared by treklord23]

ESCORT Brody James

As far as I know, Brody James only worked for Gay Hoopla. He is an escort using the name Adolis whose primary interests includes “Diapers, PNP, Scat”. [info shared by Cameron]

NEW GUY Clay Anker

Gay Hoopla is saying Clay Anker is a skateboard frat boy, super laid back, chill, & likes to seek approval.

Sean Costin of Gay Hoopla as a model

Sean Costin was introduced by Gay Hoopla last month. In 2012, he joined Model Mayhem. A few months later, he stopped visiting the site. [info shared by faintster]

Dominic of Sean Cody is now Ryan Winter of Gay Hoopla

As Dominic of Sean Cody, he only did a solo last year. He is now known as Ryan Winter at Gay Hoopla and he will do more than a solo. [info shared by Trex]

Zane Penn of Gay Hoopla was Liam of Corbin Fisher

Last February 2014, I made a post about Liam of Corbin Fisher being Dolph of Frat Men. Up to this writing, he had 4 scenes released by Corbin Fisher. He is now known as Zane Penn at Gay Hoopla. His first scene released was a flip fuck with Jason Keys. [info shared by Matt]

Magic Mike 2 will have Ajay Laws as an extra

He is also known as Jordan Roberts but he is more known as Ajay Laws since he did live cam shows at Gay Hoopla. He shared on social media that he played a bit role, as a stripper in the background, in the upcoming movie Magic Mike 2. [info shared by James]