First time as a bottom of Tyson at Corbin Fisher

Before he worked for Corbin Fisher, he was known as Haigan Sence. As Haigan, he only had a dildo up his ass and it happened a long time ago. His scene with Connor was his first time as bottom to a real cock. Tyson had a hard time and it showed on camera. Maybe, he should have put a dildo up his ass for hours before he did the scene. So that he would be at ease when Connor was inside him.


Tyson’s first guy scene at Corbin Fisher

Tyson is not new to gay porn. He is also known as Haigan Sence. Lately, he was introduced by Corbin Fisher via a str8 scene. His scene with Blake is his first with a guy at Corbin Fisher. This is also not his first bareback scene. He has done raw scenes at Chaos Men.


If you want to stalk follow him, he is on twitter and he shares photos of himself clothed and naked.


From gay to str8 porn for Haigan Sence as Tyson at Corbin Fisher

Since Haigan Sence started in porn in 2012 – his scenes were always with guys. These past months, MEN and Chaos Men have released scenes of him with and without condom.


Haigan is the new guy at Corbin Fisher using the name Tyson. Usually, new guys at Corbin Fisher are introduced via a solo jack off or an oral scene with another guy. He went straight into action with a woman.


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Haigan Sence is now a freelance porn star

He started in 2010 at Southern Strokes but his porn career was halted for a year since he went to prison. He came back in the last quarter of 2011. But, majority of his action scenes were released this 2012.

He is moving on in gay porn and seems to be working for different studios.

This month, he was the introduced at Chaos Men using only his first name.

Also this month was his boat orgy scene released by MEN. He used the same name – Haigan Sence.