SOON Jimmy Clay was last associated with Next Door and Dylan Lucas. His solo will be released soon by the twink site Helix Studios, who is adding more muscle to its line up.

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NOW Chip Tanner was last associated with Randy Blue, where his last scene was released last May 2012. Today, his solo at Next Door Male was released.

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LAST WEEK Tripp was introduced by Fratmen last Feb 2013. He was the new guy, introduced last week, at Dirty Tony.

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Unlike most gay porn sites where it’s dominated by “gay for pays”, these “str8” guys at Helix Studios are becoming extinct 🙂 The current updates on the main page of Helix Studios only had two guys that were identified as str8. The other two were bi while the rest were gay.

One of  the guys identified as straight was Kellan Parker. His scene [gallery] with Ian Levine was the latest update.


But, if you want to see this “str8” guy get fucked, his flip fuck scene [gallery] with Bradley Hudson was released by Dylan Lucas.


In the latest released scene of Helix Studios on Connor Kline, he once again tried being the top. Was he convincing as a top considering he mentioned in an interview “I am more of a complete bottom“?


The first scene of Connor as a top was a threesome that included his current lover.

Interview with Hunter Page

Unlike most porn stars, Hunter Page simply just replied “GAY” when he was asked a question about his sexuality in an interview with What The World Does Not Need. Most porn stars would elaborate their answer, making me feel he is trying to defend himself and trying not to offend his gay fans. For those who like their gay porn star to be actually gay, add Hunter Page to your list.


More porn stars in love at Helix Studios

Good news! It seems Helix Studios is a breeding ground for real GAY porn stars. Add Ian Levine [twitter] and Kenneth Pantera [twitter] to the list of porn stars who are in a relationship and currently working for Helix Studios.


Too much love for Tommy Defendi

He has been in gay porn since 2008 yet he is still getting offers as an exclusive model from different studios. For the second time, Raging Stallion announced that they are getting Tommy Defendi once again as an exclusive model. Fans can’t seem to get enough of him.


Helix Studios just released a scene of the lovers Connor Kline aka Brice and Casey Tanner sharing Max Carter [gallery], who is in a relationship with Kyle Ross.


Personally, I never had friends whose relationship lasted for years without one or both being unfaithful. I think the solution is to engage in a threesome or with other couples.

The two are new to gay porn. According to Levi Karter last January 12, 2013, he is dating Evan Parker. Unfortunately, we won’t see them together since they both work as exclusives to two different porn sites.


Evan Parker [gallery] is currently an exclusive of Helix Studios where he was introduced last Dec. 23, 2012.


Levi Karter is currently an exclusive of Cocky Boys. So far, only a solo of him has been released last month.


It was recently shared on twitter by Evan Parker that he misses his boyfriend. I am guessing they are not dating anymore and are officially a couple.


Ever since the bareback scene of Hayden Clark (aka Brad of SC) started last August 2012 from Helix Studios, it has been one bareback scene after the other that were released. The latest with the “beer can cock” is his scene with Ezra Taylor.