Reverse fucking for Duncan Black

When MEN announced that he was an exclusive, he also had scenes released by Dominic Ford when he competed and won at So You Think You Can Fuck. It still says on the MEN porn site that he is an exclusive. Yet, another porn site named Phoenixx, just released a scene of Duncan Black as a bottom and gotten a reverse fuck from Connor Patricks.


Gay porn star Mike De Marko also did str8 porn

In gay porn, Make De Marko, who is currently an exclusive of MEN, is more known for his work as a bottom and seldom as a top.


He mentioned in an interview he gave for Gay Demon that he was gay and almost never top in his personal life.

Mike: It’s clear to me already that I’m going to have to be versatile in this industry… People are always surprised when I tell them I’m a bottom. I’m gay, and in my personal life, I almost never top, but I’ve been cast in both roles for the projects I’ve worked on so far, so I guess Mikey is vers. Porn, like any other industry, calls for a certain flexibility if you’re going to last, and I plan on being around for a while, so you can count on seeing me in a variety of roles.

He had a scene released last January 02, 2013, where he had a flip fuck scene with a woman [gallery] released by Divine Bitches.

mike_de_marko_gay_to_str8_pornstar_05 mike_de_marko_gay_to_str8_pornstar_07
mike_de_marko_gay_to_str8_pornstar_08 mike_de_marko_gay_to_str8_pornstar_09

If you noticed, his str8 scene was bareback. But, his gay porn scenes had him wear a condom.

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From gay to str8 porn for Haigan Sence as Tyson at Corbin Fisher

Since Haigan Sence started in porn in 2012 – his scenes were always with guys. These past months, MEN and Chaos Men have released scenes of him with and without condom.


Haigan is the new guy at Corbin Fisher using the name Tyson. Usually, new guys at Corbin Fisher are introduced via a solo jack off or an oral scene with another guy. He went straight into action with a woman.


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Eddy Cruz aka Roman aka Jimmy Roman

He was introduced by Gentleman’s Closet as Eddy Roman last May 2012.


A few months later, he was introduced last Sept. 2012 as Roman at Boy Pissing. His action scene was released was just released this month.


He also had a scene, using the name Roman, released by MEN last September 2012.

eddy_cruz_roman_jimmy_roman_akas_07 eddy_cruz_roman_jimmy_roman_akas_08

Last month (Nov 2012), he was given the name Jimmy Roman from Cocksure Men where he was fucked by Jake Genesis.

eddy_cruz_roman_jimmy_roman_akas_09 eddy_cruz_roman_jimmy_roman_akas_10

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