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SHIRT ON for Charlie Pattinson

Charlie Pattinson was the only top who wore a shirt while fucking the bottom at Fraternity X.

OUTDOORS with Charlie Pattinson & Conrad Logun

Were they looking for white trash and found each other? 😁😁😁 From Reality Dudes “When a simple trash run turns into a full blown sexual fantasy, we all win, as is the case for the first installment of Dudes In Public.”

THREESOME with Charlie Patterson, Zane Anders & John Culver

Zane Anders was shared by Charlie Patterson & John Culver at Reality Dudes.

Johnny Cohen BAREBACKED by 3 guys

The next update at Reality Dudes had Charlie Pattinson, Tobias & Trevor Long take turns on Johnny Cohen’s hole. The hole of Johnny after fucked by 3 guys. *** 40% off at Reality Dudes till Tuesday.

THREESOME with Charlie Pattinson, Brandon Evans & Trevor Long

This is a bareback threesome from Reality Dudes. All 3 have done bareback scenes for other studios. Charlie Pattinson over at Corbin Fisher as Miles. Trevor Long as Damien West for Next Door Buddies. And, Brandon Evans at Broke Straight Boys.

BATHROOM SEX with Charlie Pattinson

Charlie Pattinson was known as Miles before he worked for Men. His latest is a bathroom sex with Brendan Phillips. Major complaint on Charlie from porn fans is his limp cock.

Charlie Pattinson is back

The last scene of Charlie Pattinson as Miles of Corbin Fisher was released last January, where he got fucked for the first time. He is back as an exclusive of Men. His scene with Alex Mecum is the latest update.