After 5 years, Shane Frost filmed his second bareback scene

Sling Fuckers was released in 2008 where Shane Frost had a bareback scene.

shane_frost_second_bareback_01 shane_frost_second_bareback_02

The scene was re-released by TIM last month.


If you missed Shane Frost doing a bareback scene, Raw Fuck Club just filmed a scene of him with Cory Koons. Expect for it to be released in less than 30 days.


Pictures showed BAREBACK but video showed otherwise for Shane Frost & Joshua Webber’s scene at Fresh SX

Just looking at the pictures released by Fresh SX with their scene with Shane Frost and Joshua Webber, you would have thought it was bareback.

But, if you watched the preview of the scene at Fresh SX, Shane Frost wore a condom.

If you want to see Shane Frost bareback another guy, you should watch Sling Fuckers.