Diego Mattos, Maksim Orlov & Tim Kruger TOOK TURNS in their DOUBLE PENETRATION with John Thomas

From an 8″ to a 10″ uncut dick inside John Thomas at Tim Tales.

First up was the 8″ cock of Maksim Orlov & the 10″ cock of Tim Kruger.

It was followed by 9″ cock of Diego Mattos & Maksim.

Then, it was the turn of Maksim & Tim.

The three did it again to John in another position before they shot their load on his hole.

BIG & UNCUT COCKS for Manuel Reyes

Manuel Reyes is a newbie in gay porn where he now has 3 scenes released paired with big uncut cocks as his top.

The first two were at Tim Tales – the 10″ cock of Tim Kruger, followed by the 9″ cock of Frankin Acevedo.

This week, it was the 8″ (or 9″?) dick of Sir Peter at Kristen Bjorn.

With & without his JOCKSTRAP for Vicenzo as the BOTTOM to Tim Kruger

Vicenzo now has 7 scenes as the bottom released by Tim Tales where two of them had Tim Kruger as his top. He did not wear his jockstrap with his first pair-up with Tim. But, he did the second time around.

And, you may want these positions at home – jockstrap optional 🙂

BIG DICKED Ethan Metz & Tim Kruger as the TOP

In less than 3 weeks, this is the 3rd scene at Tim Tales had Ethan Metz & Tim Kuger as the top.

The first one was the Christmas gift of Tim Tales which was a foursome that turned into five guys when Tim joined at the end of the scene.

It was followed by their double penetration of Alex Roman.

This week, it was Joaquin Santana’s turn to be double penetrated by Ethan & Tim at Tim Tales.