Max Wilde shared in a THREESOME by his BF & BF’s roommate

Vadim Black was not around when his boyfriend, Max Wilde, arrived at his place. So, Vadim’s roommate, Tobias, and Max played.

The two almost got caught.

Max went out. Knocked on the door and Vadim & Max played.

Tobias pretended that something was wrong with the television. Max went out to fix it and the 2 played.

They were caught by Vadim. Vadim joined in since it was his fantasy.

From MenVadim and Tobias have no problem sharing Max’s willing hole to a triple cum bursting conclusion.

The TOP in Tobias

It’s not often that we get to watch Tobias as a top. His scene with Paul Canon is the Halloween themed series, The Bayou, from Men.

Tobias do read comments from porn blogs.