In 2011, Randy Blue released the scene of Bryce Tucker with Travis James.

fake_fucking_randyblue_2011_01 fake_fucking_randyblue_2011_02

The scene had few seconds of fake fucking.


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We are used to seeing Travis James at Randy Blue. He has been working for the said porn studio since 2009.

pornstudioswitch_travis_james_01 pornstudioswitch_travis_james_02
pornstudioswitch_travis_james_03 pornstudioswitch_travis_james_04
pornstudioswitch_travis_james_05 pornstudioswitch_travis_james_06

Not anymore. He is now with MEN and his latest is a scene with Colby Jansen, where he was fucked.

pornstudioswitch_travis_james_07 pornstudioswitch_travis_james_08
pornstudioswitch_travis_james_09 pornstudioswitch_travis_james_10

Welcome to MEN!

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