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Jirka Mendez == Jake Dante == Czech Hunter #168

At William Higgins, he is known as Jirka Mendez. At Cocksure Men, he is known as Jake Dante. He is also the guy at Czech Hunter #168 He is still un-named in his soon to be released scene at Staxus. [info shared by Dutch Dude]

Marek Borek lost weight & added muscle in his return

William Higgins introduced Marek Borek in 2012. He did a hardcore scene, as a bottom, for Big Daddy. Two years later, he is back with another solo at William Higgins. This time, he is more muscular and lost a bit of weight. His scenes had him now as a top. [info shared by Peter]

Peter Looper of William Higgins was Danny Hock aka Mike Roller

On of the latest guys at William Higgins is a guy named Peter Looper. He did porn in 2011 (if I am not mistaken) using the name Danny Hock. He had a shoot for two different studios that looked like it was shot on the same location and on the same day. He also had

Jason Lucius of William Higgins was also Czech Hunter #165

This month, William Higgins introduced Jason Lucius and its sister site Str8 Hell released a hard core scene of him as a top. He was also one of the “random guys” found on the street by Czech Hunter. [tip @ GMan]

Czech Hunter #94 = Alan Carly = Sam Williams

He first appeared at Czech Hunter as guy #94 before he became Alan Carly of William Higgins & Str8 Hell. He is also Sam Williams in the upcoming movie from Staxus titled Raw Tourist Trap. [info shared by Mike]

Czech Hunter 159 is Scott Reeves aka Albert Masak

There were two “random” guys picked up on the streets by the guys at Czech Hunter for they 159 scene. One of them was Scott Reeves of Belami Online. He was also Albert Masak of William Higgins. And, he did str8 porn at Female Agent. [info shared by Kevin]

Rudy Valentino = Jan Mikulec = Lance Seawell

So far, he has 31 scenes released by Staxus and he was given the name Rudy Valentino. He had 13 hard core scenes released by William Higgins and he was given the name Jan Mikulec. This month, he was given the name Lance Seawall [gallery] by Colt Studios, who has been buying content produced in