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MORE ALIASES for Martin Porter

William Higgins introduced this week a model named Martin Porter. He had several aliases in gay porn. One of them is Andy West. And, as Andy West, he had three scenes paired with Ennio Guardia, two for Breed Me Raw (2012 & 2014) and one for Cocksure Men (2015). [info shared by Robert]

ALIASES Jason Lucius, Jayden Cook, Harry Vakker & Jeff Anderson is the same person

He was first known as Jason Lucius at William Higgins and its sister site, Str8 Hell. Then, he was Jayden Cook at Cocksure Men. Then, he was Harry Vakker at Staxus. His latest update is from Breed Me Raw, where he was given the name Jeff Anderson. [info shared by Bo]

ALIAS Bastian Dufy of Belami Online is Paul Belonek of William Higgins

The new guy this week at Belami Online was named Bastian Dufy. He was also known as Paul Belonek at William Higgins and its sister site, Str8 Hell. [info shared by Geerdo]

BAREBACK with Gabo Cerveny & Ivan Mraz at William Higgins

via William Higgins

Sandro Filipi of Belami Online was Milan Neoral of William Higgins

One of the new guys at Belami Online last month was named Sandro Filipi. He did work for William Higgins and its sister site Str8 Hell as Milan Neoral, with facial hair. [info shared by Peter]

Tomas Ludva of William Higgins == Malek Tobias of Men At Play

The latest update at Men At Play is a scene of Malek Tobias, where he was fucked by Jalil Jafar. Malek Tobias was also Czech Hunter #81. He was also Tomas Ludva at William Higgins and its sister sister site Str8 Hell. [info shared by Peter]

Jirka Mendez == Jake Dante == Czech Hunter #168

At William Higgins, he is known as Jirka Mendez. At Cocksure Men, he is known as Jake Dante. He is also the guy at Czech Hunter #168 He is still un-named in his soon to be released scene at Staxus. [info shared by Dutch Dude]