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Same shirt for two shoots for Tomas Zadany

We do wear our clothes more than once so porn stars can do the same. Tomas Zadany wore this red striped shirt for his casting at William Higgins. Tomas Zadany wore the same shirt for his bareback casting at Big Daddy. [tip @ Lee]

Robert Drtina’s first raw scene

It was bound to happen if you work for a porn studio that shoots bareback once in a while. Robert Drtina‘s 7th scene at William Higgins was bareback – his first.

Vasek Konik of William Higgins is now Brian Jovovich of Belami Online

Vasek Konik’s first scene was released by William Higgins last March 2013 and his most recent scene was released last month. No word yet if there are still more scenes of him to be released. This month, Brian Jovovich is one of the new models at Belami Online.

Simon of Big Daddy is also known as Jan Faust at William Higgins

Simon was introduced this week at Big Daddy where he got barebacked by the “casting director”. Simon uses the name Jan Faust when he works for William Higgins.

New porn star to stalk is Robert Drtina

Robert Drtina of William Higgins is 6’0″ tall, weighing 187lbs, foot size of 9.1″ and a 7.48″ uncut cock. He got a massage from Adam Rupert. He topped Vasek Konik. He bottomed for Ivo Kerk. And, he is part of the Wank Party 2013 #5 with Jan Faust, Borke Sokol and Lucas Pribyl. I want

Terry Torson of William Higgins = Juliano Mendes of Big Daddy

William Higgins gave him the name Terry Torson. So far, only his massage scene has been released.

Foot acrobatics at William Higgins

  • March 30, 2013
  • Feet

In one of the scenes released this week by William Higgins, Lucas Pribyl and Milos Zambo showed us porn fans the different ways to incorporate feet in a scene.