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Steve PeYRoux of Belami == Steve PeRYoux of William Higgins

Between 2011 to 2012, he was known as Steve PeYRoux at Belami Online, where he had a solo and 7 action scenes released. He is now known as Steve PeRYoux at William Higgins and its brother site Str8 Hell. The studio just switched the letters R & Y of his name. [info shared by Bo]

GALLERY David and Michal Kott (brothers)

[released by William Higgins]

GALLERY Milan Neoral with Jiri Tucek (condom)

[courtesy of William Higgins] [2 sites for the price of 1]

With or without facial hair for Jan Sedina of William Higgins?

Last March 2012, William Higgins released Jan Sedina’s casting video. This January 2014, he is the latest update at William Higgins. [William Higgins + Str8 Hell = price of one site]

GALLERY Borek Loskutak (massage)

[courtesy of William Higgins] [2 sites for the price of one – William Higgins + Str8 Hell]

Tomas Melus = Steve Russell = Dick Casey

He was given the name Tomas Melus for his work at William Higgins. He was given the name Steve Russel for his work at Belami Online. But, most of his work was with Staxus as Dick Casey.

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