Dillon Diaz as the STEP UNCLE & SECURITY OFFICER of Dylan Hayes

Two upcoming scenes this week for the pair-up of Dillon Diaz and Dylan Hayes at Say Uncle.

The first one at Family Dick where Dillon was the step uncle of Dylan Hayes.

It will be followed by Dillon as the security officer to Dylan at Young Perps.

From his STEP BROTHER to a SECURITY OFFICER for Ryland Kingsman

Two scenes for Ryland Kingsman at Say Uncle this week.

The first one at Brother Crush with Johnny Bandera.

The second one is up next at Young Perps with security officer Jesse Zeppelin.


Don’t make him stop! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Just on the main page of Young Perps, I see Devin Trez with 5 guys he has barebacked as the security officer.

And, Josh Cannon is his latest (willing?) victim at Young Perps 🙂