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Jaxton Wheeler is one of the few gay porn stars that admitted that he is married (?) to a woman in real life.

His latest scene had him as a top to James Hastings at Pride Studios.

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One thought on “Married in real life: Jaxton Wheeler”
  1. He’s a good performer. He doesn’t seem to pull the I’m straight so I won’t do this or I won’t do that. Porn is a fantasy do we really think William Shantner is the captain of a space ship??It’s a fantasy. I’m bummed that I now wount get to marry but ces lavie.There is a double standard(surprise). Women can and are expected to a girl/girl scene no prob. But ale performer can’t???Recently ther’ve been a number of “st8_ male performers who have crossed I’ve to the dark side…uh I mean gay side.If you want your performers to be strickly chickly you need to treat them better,not that anyone in porn is ever treated well in porn. Porn is a fantasy do really believe George Clooneys a doctor?No!So a person does on their time is their business as long as they are not putting themselves and their partners at risk. You can be straight as hell and still catch something!I can’t believe we are still discussing and having issues with this. Like if your a female and are known to do interracial porn you can get “black black listed (sorry couldn’t help it))too. It can literally co$t you.America the land of oppressed ,marginalized
    and disinfranchizedy let’s here it for good ol USA. But we’ve always said one thing and then turn around and it ourselves.

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