5 thoughts on “Fisted by Sir Peter

  1. Fisting is gross and unhealthy and Sir Peter licking the “rosebud” of Ridick is disgusting.

    1. I completely agree and left my comment below. Why not dump a bag of scat on top as a sauce next time. If you like it and don’t care about the risks, then do it in the privacy of your own home. That’s your business, but when it’s digitized, some far right evangelical gets ahold of it, enlarges it for one of their anti gay agenda rallies it becomes my business. Fools.

  2. Ask any gay or straight physicians their opinion which will be more than likely surgery and a colostomy bag for the rest of their lives.
    I’ve never seen anything as repugnant as I just did in the photo above. And as we as a community find ourselves increasingly targeted by federal and states governments working to water down our hard fought acceptance, I’m sure the photo of Sir Peter licking a prolapsed rectum at some rally somewhere would do so much good for all of us. If it’s your thing and its pleasurable and your willing to risk having a bag surgically attached to a tube that collects your shit all day long. My grandma had one and I’ve cleaned more than a few. Sad.

    1. Ok this is so ridiculous. Do you know that prolapses or eating prolapses is not a gay thing right? Just go on xvideos and search and you will find plenty of straight orgies and fisting/rosebud scenes. People don’t have to do things to protect you or our “community” Stop being so sensitive and if you don’t like a something simply don’t watch it.

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