Stepfather’s first intimate step with his stepson

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Though I’ve really enjoyed having my son Noah come live with me, there were a few bumps in the road at first. After his mother and I split up, Noah initially stayed with her. Over time, their relationship had become a little rocky, so after a family meeting, we all agreed that Noah would come and live with me for a while.

In private, Noah’s mother had shared a concern that she felt his behavior was in decline. She explained that shortly after the divorce, more-and-more often the young man seemed to be testing boundaries.

I knew this period of time had been difficult for Noah. He didn’t talk about it much and spent a lot of time alone in his room.

Then once he made the transition to staying with me, I myself had some natural awkwardness because over time I had become accustomed to living alone. But as his father, I could see right away just what his mother had been talking about in terms of his acting out.

One morning, I had just finished showering and was in the middle of shaving. Needless to say, I was stark naked. To my astonishment, Noah—without knocking or saying anything—opened the door, walked in nude as the day he was born, and started taking a shower.

Normally, I might scold the boy for just barging into my private space—if I were really that annoyed. But I knew what was up. Noah was looking for a reaction and I was determined to rise above and not give him the satisfaction. And after Noah finished his shower, I couldn’t help but notice him eyeing me—or more specifically, my ass—as he casually brushed against me and out of the bathroom.

The instances of Noah walking in on me while showering, or bursting into my bedroom unannounced increased over time, as well as a more serious and concerning behavior—sneaking around when I was not at home and getting into my private things. At this point, I confronted my son about the troubling behavior, but as usual, he acted like he had no idea what I was talking about.

Recently, Noah had been getting into my home office while I was away at work. Usually, from what I could tell, he was rummaging through my things or using my computer. And he always insisted that he wasn’t doing what I knew he was doing.

I had no choice but to get one of those spy cameras you see on TV to install in my bedroom so that I could catch the boy in the act. As I suspected, the contents of the recording had proven me right. Nothing in it surprised me… except for one thing.

While viewing the tape recording, I witnessed Noah open up my “secret” drawer in the den. Normally, this drawer is locked, but somehow that little scamp found the key and God-only-knows how long he’d been getting into its contents.

Now, I am not embarrassed or shy to admit that I have a rather large collection of sex toys. Since the divorce from Noah’s mother, I had been exploring my sexuality a little bit and had amassed quite a collection. I had certainly not advertised this to my son, of all people, but now that he knew, I could understand his curiosity.

And the more I thought about it, the more excited I became. The truth is… as Noah continued to grow and mature, I found myself becoming more and more aware that my son was quite beautiful—a trait he got from his mother. Wild as it was, I couldn’t deny the growing awareness that I really, really wanted my son to want me.

I wasn’t sure about how to proceed exactly, but more than anything else I wanted our relationship to evolve into a more mature, trusting one. I decided that I would simply talk to him like a man and explain the expectations for his behavior moving forward. I just wanted him to open up to me and be real. So I collected my thoughts and then called him into my room.

Noah sat down next to me on my bed. After a few moments of the usual back and forth of me asking the right questions but getting the wrong answers, I finally disclosed to Noah what I’d seen on the camera. Now he couldn’t shrug and wiggle his way out of the conversation. In fact, the boy seemed genuinely worried that he’d really fucked up and that I was about to lay into him or something.

However, that was not what I had in mind. Instead, to Noah’s great surprise, I simply asked him if he’d ever seen sex toys before. Then his eyes got wide and he blushed and looked away. I could tell that he hadn’t. But there was something else in the boy’s demeanor that intrigued me, so I went ahead and simply asked him if he might be interested in learning more about them. I would show him myself.

Noah was floored. Particularly when I suddenly pulled the drawer of sex toys out and placed it between us on the bed. This was the moment of truth; I was literally laying it all out for him to process and digest. Then he would have to make a choice and proceed.

Noah smiled sheepishly, but with excitement in his eyes. He was indeed curious and I honestly couldn’t believe my luck. The boy’s eyes were glued to the box of sex toys and I knew it was time to make the plunge.

At first we started slow and played a little show-and-tell. I took out each type of toy and explained what it was. Noah would then follow up with different questions about how to use them and what all they could be used for.

Turns out it was the rather large, curved vibrating dildo that really caught the boy’s attention. As he handled the flexible toy phallus, my heart rate began to rise…as well as a growing tent in my slacks.

The way Noah began to lick his lips as I suggested that we try using it on him sent my inhibitions right out the window. There was no going back now; I could see that he truly wanted to move forward with this. So, I instructed my son to take his jeans off.

This he did immediately and with no balk or hesitation.

With a gentle nudge, I also instructed the boy to remove his shirt and underwear. I became aware that I was openly staring at his smooth, fit body and Noah definitely noticed this. He suddenly became a little nervous and shy, hiding his penis from me by bunching up his removed underwear and holding it over his crotch.

I smiled at this unexpected bashfulness. It was a complete 180° turn from Noah’s usual brazenness around me. I moved off the bed and reached for a small bottle of lube from the nightstand, rolled up my sleeves, and motioned for the boy to lie back on the bed.

For the better part of the next hour, Noah and I experimented with the different toys– at his pace and comfort level. He was enthralled by the varying shapes and sizes of the cock rings in particular. After Noah had tried on all of the different sizes, I casually asked if he was interested–and ready–to have me try to use one of the dildos on him.

I could have died right there when Noah gulped and squeaked his reply. He clearly was nervous about being penetrated- but also extremely curious. I gently assured him that we would go slow. I have to admit, once my boy was lubed up properly and I began to insert the dildo into his virgin hole, I could have orgasmed in my slacks from the sight alone!

The more of the toy I got worked into his extraordinarily tight anus, the more his penis began to stir and respond to the stimulation. As the afternoon continued on, Noah finally got to the point where he was more relaxed; he had begun to get used to my experienced ministrations.

Eventually, Noah was rock-hard. As the size of the sex toys got bigger and bigger, his erection grew stronger and stronger. Soon, the boy’s shaft began to ooze a steady amount of precum, so I instructed him to stroke his cock as I inserted a very long, thick flesh-like toy inside of him.

The combination of my massaging his prostate and Noah’s self-touch quickly caused the boy to cry out and shoot several thick ropes of semen onto his abs. I desperately wanted to tear my clothes off and make love to him, but somehow I kept my composure.

Instead, I rose from the bed and handed a towel over to Noah so he could mop himself off. Boy, he really was a mess! He looked up at me with those gorgeous puppy dog eyes and seemed to wait for me to say or do something. I thought hard about it for a moment before giving him my reply.

As Noah handed the now cum-soaked towel back to me, I instructed him to not go back into my office again without permission. On the surface, this command seemed like a warning, but the sultry tone of my voice subtly indicated that this was no warning at all, but an invitation…

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