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A TOY for Jeremy Spreadums Jr.

Jeremy Spreadums had his cock lock by Liam Cyber for Bromo.

THREESOME with Charlie Patterson, Zane Anders & John Culver

Zane Anders was shared by Charlie Patterson & John Culver at Reality Dudes.

Daniel loved the BUTT PLUG up his hole

For the serviced video of Daniel at Chaos Men, his partner was Lorenzo. He got rimmed. Sucked cock. The most he enjoyed was the butt plug inside his hole. He had to shoved it in & out to make him cum.

BUTT PONG with Brandon Evans, Tobias & Donny Forza

Reality Dudes had Brandon Evans, Tobias & Donny Forza play the gay porn version of beer pong where the hole of Brandon had a cup inserted using a taped dildo.

DILDO PLAY with Denis Albert & Rob Tadeus

BadPuppy had Denis Albert insert a double sided dildo inside Rob Tadeus’ hole and sucked the other end of the dildo.


  • August 12, 2016
  • Toys

The pair-up of Jimmie Slater & Brandon Rivers had them use a fleshjack by Pride Studios [gallery]. I thought it was for single use. And, not meant for two cocks inside one fleshjack.

TOYS: Rimming seat

Men POV had Austin Carter use a rimming seat to suck the cock & rim the hole of Aiden Ward.