Disciplined by the stepdad: John Barber and Corey Law

Stepdad John Barber (aka Hugo Brtnik) was the top to his stepson (Corey Law aka Petr Said aka Emmett Flynn) inside the boat for Southern Strokes.

Doing a bad job at chores never felt so good. Corey is daydreaming when he should be sweeping the deck of the boat. It isn’t till his stepdad, John, snaps him out of it by yelling that he starts to get the job done, but he isn’t doing a very good one. John is tired of seeing Corey doing things half-assed and brings him down below deck for a little discipline by putting Corey over his knee and spanking his young firm ass. He then takes off his boy’s pants as well as his own and puts Corey on his knees to suck his cock. John pushes his boy’s head down to teach him how he likes his cock sucked. After this lesson, Corey lays on the bed as John gets undressed so his daddy can suck on his sweet cock. John loves tasting his boy’s dick, but soon it’s time to teach the next lesson. Corey then gets undressed and lets his daddy teach him how to take a cock as they spoon fuck on the bed. He throws his leg up to get it all in there before switching positions, first riding his stepdads cock and then taking it on his back as he jerks his dick with John still inside of him. It’s only a matter of time before he is unloading all over his belly, with John following right behind him. 

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