Adamek Alex as the TOP

Adamek Alex only did a solo at William Higgins.

But, he did bareback 2 guys who worked for William Higgins.

At UK Naked Men as Luke Greer, he was the top to Craig Keller, who was Milos Dena at William Higgins.

At Southern Strokes as Luke Geer, he was the top to Jack Finix, who was Franta Beko at William Higgins.

For those who missed Colt McGraw

He had scenes released till 2012 from Southern Strokes and College Dudes.

backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_01 backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_02
backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_04 backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_05

It was only this week that another scene of him was released. A bit grown-up and still using the same name. Colt McGraw had a solo release at Chaos Men. And, owner of the site is saying there is more of him in the coming weeks.


Then & now on Colt.

backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_08 backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_09
backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_10 backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_11

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New guys this week – Benson, Kip Johnson, & Tyler Hills

Benson of Sean Cody, who talked about his experience with another guy.

new_guys_this_week_benson_seancody_01 new_guys_this_week_benson_seancody_02

There are only a handful of guys in gay porn who have long hair. Add to the list the 6’2 tall Kip Johnson of Extra Big Dicks.

new_guys_this_week_kip_johnson_extrabigdicks_01 new_guys_this_week_kip_johnson_extrabigdicks_02

Just for being 6’6″, Tyler Hills at Southern Strokes.

new_guys_this_week_tyler_hills_southern_strokes_01 new_guys_this_week_tyler_hills_southern_strokes_02

Southern Strokes goes green

When you go green, it means you are recycling 🙂

As of this week, this was the front page of Southern Strokes.


If you search for this scene on Google, it was already released in 2009. For example, if you click the Gay Porn Fan’s View link, it posted the Brandon and Wade scene last Aug. 27, 2009.


A 2009 scene was recycled  in 2013 as Southern Strokes GOES GREEN 🙂

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