Inside a dilapidated trailer: Gunnar Stone and Des Irez

Gunnar Stone as the top to Des Irez at Kink Men.

When Des Irez’s car breaks down out in the desert in the middle of nowhere there is no help in sight and no cell phone reception. Suddenly his knight in shining armor in the form of Gunnar Stone appears to save him from impending doom. Or does he? Gunnar is so friendly and comforting, he offers Des a ride back to his place to use the phone where he soon learns the tow truck can’t make it out till morning. Not sure what to do or where to go, Des nervously accepts an offer to stay the night at Gunnar’s dilapidated trailer. He climbs into a sticky, stained and dirty old mattress and in the middle of the night Gunnar sneaks into his room and takes Des down, way down into his depraved and kinky world of hardcore sex and BDSM. He covers Des’s mouth and says “I know why boys like you come around this part of the desert and I’m going to give you exactly what you want”.

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