Fucked by his hairy stepdad: Dakota Lovell

Ian Holms as the stepdad of Dakota Lovell for Dad Creep of Say Uncle.

Dakota is desperate to get his stepdad Ian’s attention, but the man is tired of him being so needy. One day, Dakota comes home depressed after practice because Ian forgot to pick him up, but the guy is naked and chilling on his couch and won’t stand his stepson’s weak attitude. Ian scolds the young twink and tells him that he should start man up and call him daddy. Dakota willingly complies, hoping to get a taste of his stepdad’s dick–his secret desire. Ian makes the boy swallow his cock and tells him how he should treat him from now on. The twink continues to follow his stepdad’s orders while gagging with dick, waiting to see what Ian will do with his ass. Ian fucks his stepson’s hole, first with his finger and then with his juicy cock. It’s the start of a new relationship between stepdad and stepson as Ian pounds his boy’s sweet cum hole and shoots his creamy load into sweet Dakota’s mouth.

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