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It took awhile for Arthur to film his first fuck scene at Beefcake Hunter.

To make this Slowly fucked by Arthur video, a lot of back and forth was needed. He came back a week or so after our initial encounter for the anal scene. Still, things did not work out quite well that day, so we rescheduled it for a day later, but then he just disappeared, reappearing a few days later, then disappearing again. He was playing with my feelings!

One early morning, he contacted me again to tell me how ready he was; of course, I was in disbelief, and I ignored him, but after a couple of texts, he convinced me that he was for real this time, so I quickly set up everything to make this happen, I was so excited!

For taking him so long to return to BCH Land, Beefcake Arthur was very comfortable and chill. It was almost like he enjoyed making me wait and seeing me so happy he was back…lol.

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