Hairy stepson: Ryan Russo

To cheer him up, Ryan Russo was fucked by his stepdad at Say Uncle

Trent is concerned about his stepson Ryan’s reclusive behavior. The boy spends lots of time on the couch, depressed about his step-parents’ potential divorce. Trent tries to talk to him to cheer him up, but can’t really handle his snappy attitude. In an attempt to get him out of the couch, Trent ends up discovering Ryan’s surprising cock-sucking talent, sucking his stepdad’s dick and balls with unprecedented aptitude. Initially shocked, Trent realizes that the best he can do to cheer his stepson is to eat his hole and drill it. The two share a bonding experience over Ryan’s unusual knack for sucking cock, adding a new dimension to their relationship.

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  1. Paul Bayes

    Ryan so guys with chest hair ..

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