Shane = Jacob Valdez = Antonio Galvan

He had a solo as Shane of Sean Cody released in 2010. He returned to porn last year but only did str8 porn.

shane_jacob_valdez_antonio_galvan_01 shane_jacob_valdez_antonio_galvan_02

It took him three years to finally agree to do a gay scene. Thank you Randy Blue. This month his scene as a bottom to Chris Rockway was released.

shane_jacob_valdez_antonio_galvan_05 shane_jacob_valdez_antonio_galvan_06
shane_jacob_valdez_antonio_galvan_07 shane_jacob_valdez_antonio_galvan_08

[tip @ Alex & Terry]

Chris Rockway is now with straight porn

Chris Rockway started at Randy Blue in 2006. He is now known as Cash Hunter in str8 porn.

He mentioned in a 2011 interview with Guy Spy that he connects with men by acting what he likes with women.

Rockway stopped, then added more. Porn “is not real sex. It’s a lot of work. Sexually, I can disconnect myself from what I want from a woman, and I can act those things out with men, be physical. I’m straight but not narrow.”

[Thanks Mark & M__M]