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Quentin Gainz SNIFFED the UNDIES of Tom Faulk

Next Door World‘s new series is titled Str8 Bait Hostel. The first scene [gallery] had the madam of the hostel “trick” both guys by sharing a room and letting them think the other guy is interested in him. A str8 being baited to do gay sex just because a guy is interested in them 🙂


Mark Long was introduced in 2011 but it was only in 2014 that he had scenes released in action with a guy. It was only recently that he started sucking cock [gallery 01 & gallery 02] at Next Door World. He was already fucked by a woman wearing a strap on dildo in 2013. His first

SEX POSITION TO TRY from Johnny Riley & Ethan Slade

via Next Door World [gallery]

COP: Scott Riley

Scott Riley with Andy Banks [gallery] for Next Door World.

FEET of Mark Long tasted by Orlando Fox

  • December 18, 2015
  • Feet

For fans of Mark Long and feet lovers, Orlando Fox got a taste of Mark’s feet for Next Door World. Orlando has a pierced tongue, would it be more ticklish getting licked by it? [gallery]

OUTDOORS with Arad & Cody Blake

I don’t think Arad had a hard time lifting while fucking Cody Blake [gallery] outdoors for Next Door World.

POLICE OFFICER Kaden Alexander bribed for sex by Abel Archer

In real life, one would take off his pants before lying on the swing. via Next Door World [gallery]