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FRESH MEAT: Tomas Salek

Tomas Salek (24 yrs old, 5’8″) is one of the new guys this month at William Higgins.

UNCUT COCK of Antoine Meloni

Antoine Meloni is the new guy this week at Belami Online “We are back in Budapest this week with another of our athletic Hungarian boys. Tall, dark and handsome, Antoine obviously puts a lot of work into his body and it certainly shows.”

OUTDOORS with Taylor Reign & Ricky Roman

A flip fuck with the uncut Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign at Cocky Boys.


Ellis now knows the taste of Beau’s cum [via Corbin Fisher]. Yummilicious!

JOCK: Remi Dourdan

The uncut Remi Dourdan is one of the new guys at Belami Online.


Corbin Fisher measured the cock of Jonah as 8.5 inches.

The 6’8″ tall Jayme

Jayme is the new guy this week at Chaos Men. For a guy who is 6’8″ in height, his uncut cock is only 7 inches long ☹️ You can’t have everything 😃 Is he the tallest guy in gay porn? Does he remind you of Rocky of CF?