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The latest update at Raging Stallion paired Aarin Asker (top) with Hoytt Walker [gallery].

LEAN MEAT: Tim Taylor

The latest str8 guy at English Lads is 6’2 Tim Taylor.

FEET of Hugh tasted by Dane

This is one of the few scenes of Hugh at Corbin Fisher where he was the top. This is their 2nd pair up. In their 1st pair-up, Hugh was the bottom.

Baker’s FEET used to make a sandwich 😀

Thomas had his cock wrap around Baker’s feet [via Corbin Fisher]. It also had Thomas feed Baker with vitamins 😋.

TIED while FUCKED: Allen Lucas

Scotty Zee was the top [gallery] in this scene from Next Door Studios.

BOOTS ON for Jordan Levine & Brett Lake

Brett Lake was barebacked by Jordan Levine for Bromo “Jordan Levine has caught himself a proper foot slut. Brett Lake takes his time licking & worshiping Jordan’s boots before getting roughly throat fucked & pounded raw by his big delicious cock. This boots-on bareback fuck is sure to make you salivate.”

BLONDE or BRUNETTE for Adam Kolez?

Adam Kolez is the new guy at William Higgins. In his casting video, his hair was brunette and he had facial hair. For his other solo shoots at William Higgins, he was now blonde with no facial hair. *** He is also known as Jasper Leigh at Belami Online.