Str8 Hell has a Hot Ass category where it focuses on the ass and giving special attention to the guy’s hole. And, Peto Mohac is the latest update in this category.

Rimming should be a standard practice for their Hot Ass category. What’s the point of focusing on the hole without getting a taste of it?

TWINK: Fyodor Nijinsky


Fyodor Nijinsky is the new guy at Belami Online. Is he too young looking for gay porn?

This coming Thursday, Men will release the scene of Ricky Larkin & Beaux Banks where the duo showed a sex position that you might want to try at home.

If you ❤ Ricky, he is into feet.

Alexander Maximus is one of the few models at Active Duty whose oral scene [gallery] was first released before his solo introduction [gallery].

The 4th scene of Kato was the second time he got a blowjob from the owner of Military Classified.

It was the first time he was rimmed.

And, his feet eaten.

Some foot fetish first for Donte Thick before he was barebacked by Zachary Country at Next Door Studios.