Kissing with the site owner for Alexander

Alexander, a fisherman in real life, came back last year at Beefcake Hunter since his first scene in 2016. It took 9 months for him to return again to fuck the owner of the site. This time it included kissing, which only a handful of guys has one on the site.

Then I decided to get plugged at the same spot by seating on his cock while he was sitting on the stool, it was amazing! I didn’t know I would enjoy that so much, it got me extra verbal and Beefcake Alexander enjoyed the spectacle, he was laughing lol… then, surprised me with a nice kiss, then we switched to standing up fuck before moving to the couch.

And, Alexander, who wore a condom, shot his load inside the owner of Beefcake Hunter.

On the couch was when things began Getting intimate with Alexander. Feeling his manhood all over me, and he is pressuring me and kissing me, was out of this world, so for those Hunters lobbying for more kisses scenes, here you have one, with a lot of it, enjoy it!

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